Why It's Tough Being Addicted To Trophies

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Why It

Like a lot of other gamers this gen I love trophies and achievements I'm a total trophy whore I cant even remember how I put so many hours into games on the PS2 when the games didn't have them. While the overall experience of unlocking trophies is a lot of fun there are a few things that when you are addicted to collecting them become an issue.

1 - Collectibles

You have spent the entire day following a guide perfectly to find every last collectible in a game, you get to the final 1 pick it up and......it doesn't pop. 99.9% of the time this is because you have left 1 behind but the problem is you don't know which 1. Collecting all 300 or so blast shards in infamous 1 springs to mind here. When this happens a normal gamer might forget about it but when your a trophy whore its more like "AHHH!! This f*c&!ng game is $#!% where's my f*c&!ng trophy!!!". Having to go back to the very start of the guide and do it all over again...just sucks!

2 - Multiplayer

By far the most annoying thing is when a developer realizes that they have spent months making a multiplayer mode for their game and its turned out shit! So they slap on a pile of trophies knowing that the whores will play the multiplayer anyway to unlock them which will bring up the number of people actually playing it. Games like Wolfenstein really went to town on this it was impossible to get them all without boosting mainly since the servers couldn't handle more than 1 player in a lobby at once. From someone who has platinumed that game all I can say is thank GOD for the level 50 glitch!

3 - Hardest Difficulty

Beat the game on the hardest difficulty is 1 we see in almost every game and most of the time its fun. Getting the unlock for games like World at War on veteran immediately lets people looking at your profile know that your a fearless beast! Assuming the game is fun and the challenge is fair there are no problems but when your playing a game that was rushed out of the studio and rather than time being spend making clever enemy AI they just make it so the AI can kill you from 5 miles away using a shotgun. Games where you no sooner spawn and a Nazi has his MP40 up your ass (world at war was a devil for this) just take all the fun out of playing the game. Another thing is when games with multiple difficulties make you play the lower difficulty before you unlock the higher 1. WET had about 7 different difficulty levels and you had to play them all to unlock the next that's not fun!

4 - The Commitment

You start playing a game and you like it your flying through the trophies your about 30 hours down then bam you get hit with the beast! A trophy that's gonna take 25 hours worth of grinding to unlock. You cant stop now you've already put so many hours into the game the commitment to platinunuming the game has already been made there's no going back now. The trophy whore within wont let you give up but you know that that's gonna be such a waste of time when you could go and platinum terminator salvation a load of times in the same amount of time it takes to get that 1 trophy but it HAS to be done there is no other way about it!

5 - Terminator salvation

This game is why being a trophy whore can be really annoying and the reason is trophy whores actually WANT to play this game or even they NEED to play the game. Garbage like this shouldn't be played by anyone but just because you can play the game once which lasts about 3 hours and unlock the platinum we will play it. I played it and platinumed it and I hated every second of the game it was terrible but unlocking that gold at the end of every chapter just did something magic for the motivation and kept me going on until I got the platinum.

6 - Not playing games without a platinum

Yea yea i know it says 5 reasons but i didn't have the heart to cut 1 out and no 1 wants to read "The 6 reasons..". Anyway the final reason is when a great game appears on the store its gotten awards, its well reviewed and looks and plays great but it doesn't have a platinum the thought of spending money on it and putting in loads of hours just doesn't seem worth it. There is no drive to complete a game 100% when there is no reward for doing so. This is annoying because back before achievements playing a game 100% just for the pleasure of seeing the 100% was great but once you become a trophy whore its not enough you must get a platinum for your time!

So if anyone thinks I left a reason out or that I'm a trophy whoring troll leave a reply in the comments section below!

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#1-4: very true

#5: not applicable to me

#6: not quite. If a game has trophies, I just need them all. even if there isn't a plat. But, I do consider trophies before buying a game. If a game has a #2 or #3, I won't buy it. (#1 and #4 I usually risk). But consider the ps2 and psp GoW games. I had a choice between the PS3 remasters, or their originals. I went originals because games without trophies are better.

#7: cheats. Those rare few games that still have cheats to help you through a difficult spot or to add replay value usually disable trophies when using cheats. So trophy whores have to replay games without the additional replay value just to get platinums. And by the time they platted, the game is so over-done that not even the cheats can add enough value to let us replay the games.

"I'm a total trophy whore I cant even remember how I put so many hours into games on the PS2 when the games didn't have them"

This is the saddest thing about this whole "Trophy" nonsense; you actually have to be told to play a game to completion, you don't simply do so naturally out of enjoyment. This attitude is the biggest problem with gaming as a medium today, the player is grabbed by the hand and told exactly what to do and when, what to enjoy doing and when. Trophies are the result of non-gamers trying to make games appeal to people who don't really understand how to enjoy games.

What's wrong with playing a game simply for the enjoyment of playing? Do you realise that you can achieve a hell of a lot more than what you are instructed to do if you are passionate about playing a game well? I wish trophies could be disabled, I'm sick of the constant dumbing down of every conceivable medium to appease people who barely understand the value of the medium in the first place.
HAHAHA, this is hilarious. I 'used' to be a whore ages ago. But after trying to scour the cities is Assassins Creed 2 to find those flags it just became too excruciatingly boring. I genuinely feel sorry for you. I feel like someone should make a movie like the Michael Fassbender's 'SHAME'. The amount of hours you spend doing the most boring and shamefully repetitive things in order to get a platinum. It's embarrassing in a way.
wow that 6th one... totally me. i wont play/buy a game when the trophies look waaayyy too hard... and if the game doesnt have a platinum, its not worth my time.. its a shame really.
mgs4 was what made me see this. it is an amazing game but i played it once and never touched it again until it got the patch...played the shit out of it then

You forgot "This lame DLC costs the same as this cool indie game... but I want the 100%"

I Actually enjoy trophy hunting

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