Has The Failure of The Wii U Made It Cool?

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Has The Failure of The Wii U Made It Cool?

Whether you are a fan of Nintendo or not it's is obvious from sales figures that the first year of the Wii U was a major failure. Nintendo themselves have accepted the Wii U has not performed as well as they had hoped it would. Nintendo bosses have taken a major cut to their pay as a result of the poor performance.

As if poor sales and media reaction to the console weren't bad enough publishing giant EA have also dropped support for Nintendo's next generation console. This has been a major blow to Nintendo and is enough to have knocked the Wii U out of the console war for this generation. Without EA the Wii U gamers will not have access to many popular 3rd party games that will be on Sony and Microsoft's consoles, but does this really matter now?

It's safe to say the Wii U isn't going to be able to make a comeback to compete with the Ps4 and Xbox One but that doesn't mean its going to die out. The Wii U has become something different that can live separately alongside the other consoles without competing against them. The console war is a vicious battle where gamers will hate another human being simply because they don't like the same games console. If a video game is released exclusively for the Xbox One and turns out to be the next best thing to hit gaming Ps4 games will hate it no matter what just because it's not on the Ps4 but this no longer applies to Nintendo because they aren't in the war any more.

So what does this mean for the Wii U?

People hated on the Wii U for 2 main reasons, both of which related to the console war. The first was "hate by default", Playstation and Xbox gamers didn't like the Wii U because it was not the console they had chosen (Sad but true). The second reason was frustration with Nintendo for releasing a console that wasn't much of a hardware improvement over the Wii and had a "stupid" controller. Now that the Wii U is no longer part of the console war people no longer need to see it as competition and hate on it for the reasons above. Everyone likes to be part of an exclusive club, is that what the Wii U has become?

Nintendo might not be the best at packing their consoles with the most advanced hardware but they sure as hell make up for it with their development studios. Almost every new Mario game is released to critical acclaim. No one knows what sort of witchcraft they have to perform to make such constantly impressive games but the fact remains that there is almost always a new game to be released by Nintendo that is going to be great.

What makes the Wii U good?

The Wii U is going to become a completely different gaming experience from the PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo exclusive games are nearly always great fun to play with friends. They aren't too challenging and focus more on being happy and fun rather than making you want to punch the face off the 14 year old who is kicking your ass in a multiplayer match. The Wii U has a much better online infrastructure than the first Wii console. This will give gamers a much better chance to play games with friends or others online which maintains the "fun to play with others" attitude Nintendo seem to have with a lot of their games.

Gaming media might have you believing that the Wii U is a useless console but when you look at the console without comparing it to the competition it actually isn't that bad of a system. It might be a little expensive at the moment but if Nintendo can drop the price below 300 it will become a much more appealing investment. The biggest feature that makes the Wii U cool is the controller makes it a portable console. Supported games can be output completely to the controller meaning you don't need the TV to play it. This is almost the same as Remote Play that Sony has with the PS Vita. The screen on the Wii U game pad might not be the 4k screen we all want it still gives gamers a portable experience with the power and functionality of a console. Another feature that has been completely erased with other consoles is backwards compatibility. The Wii U can play Wii games! There is no reason why you shouldn't trade your old Wii in for a Wii U.


The games are going to become the biggest selling point of the Wii U. Nintendo franchises like Mario and Zelda are always popular and in the past receive 9s and 10s across the board with critic reviews. The 2 biggest games out at the moment are Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze which currently has a score of 82 on Metacritic and Super Mario 3D World which got an amazing 93 on Metacritic! High scores like this are uncommon for any of the most popular franchises in gaming but Nintendo are able to do it just fine...and they are only getting started. We can expect a new Super Mario and Legend of Zelda game to be released in the near future.

I think that Nintendo might actually have a good future with the Wii U if they change their model. Its clear the Wii fad is dead so they aren't going to be selling the Wii U to the casual gamer. They need to try and make a console that has features and content that will appeal to the hardcore gamers in a way that offers an experience that they don't have and don't want with their PS4 or Xbox One.


nintendo sux its not like the xbox 1 i mean u cant even play cod on wii u its for babies. ny1 who likes this sistim can go die lol
hahaha sistim :P

Nintendo as a home console maker is doomed, they need to stick to portables which eventually will be useless due to iPads and smartphones, Nintendo is soon to be dead.
They rather die than release their games on a different system, console or as smartphone game. And besides, Nintendo is NOT doomed, they have mountains of money to make as many mistakes they want. Accept it, Nintendo won't disappear that easily.

Wii U is not a failure
You make a compelling argument

I think that one of the reasons that it's failing is because most of the people who baught the Wii dont understand that the Wii U is the new and improved model. Take my Mom and Step Dad for example, they loved the Wii. Now they are like, "It's stupid that they went to another version. I can't believe they just stopped making the Wii and making Wii games." If every casual gamer thinks this way(which I can't say if they do or not)then no wonder why they Wii U is doing awful. Another reason is because the console looks the exact same! Why not change it up a little and make it look newer and cooler. Simplicity is fine, but they could of upgraded the looks to distinguish it from the Wii. And the number one reason why no one cares, is because they need some good games! Where the hell is Metroid?! Where the hell is the new Zelda?! The best games are non existant. Oddly enough, I just purchased the Wii U and I know I'm going to love it. I love the controller and who doesn't love Mario.
lol ningdndo sux u fgt play a real game like cod

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