Samus Aran Vs Master Chief - Who Would Win?

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Samus Aran Vs Master Chief - Who Would Win?

Physical Strength / Close Quarters

Master Chief

Samus Aran

With armor equipped he is over 7ft tall and weighs almost 1000lbs. Being a trained solder he is physically strong, this strength is amplified with his armor. A warthog truck weighing nearly 3 tonnes is flipped back onto its wheels with ease by The Chief, he can also carry most of the weapons that are mounted to these trucks which is enough proof that he is a tank of a man! Samus Aran stands over 6 ft tall. Her suit gives her additional height and bulk to her physical build. She has defeated many strong and powerful enemies but her success wasn't because of her physical strength. Her combat style opts for more stun and run then attack from a distance. Her suit is not built to enhance her physical strength to enable evasive manoeuvres.


Samus Aran is not built for close combat nor does she ever attempt it. She has no effective melee attacks and access to melee weapons is a major drawback for her. The Chief has access to an energy sword and a gravity hammer which are 2 super powered melee weapons. With or without weapons Master Chief is a powerful person to face in close quarters due to his physical build and military training.

Winner = Master Chief

Weapons Available

Master Chief

Samus Aran

He is usually equipped with an assault rifle and a pistol by default. He will also have frag grenades in his inventory. The assault rifle is a great all round weapon capable of dealing with most forms of enemies. Frag grenades are simple but effective at clearing out groups of enemies. Any other weapons need to be obtained from the battlefield. She possesses an arm cannon which as the name suggests is a cannon attached to her arm. It is her primary weapon and offers multiple methods to fire projectiles at enemies. While it is only 1 single weapon it can changed and upgraded giving it new functionality and firepower meaning she will never need anything more than it.


Samus Aran has a huge advantage over Master Chief in that her primary weapon is attached to her arm and is always easily available. Master Chiefs default weapons are incredibly underpowered when compared to Samus Arans arm cannon. Unless Master Chief could somehow get an arm cannon for his MJOLNIR armor he is not going to be able to out do Samus Aran.

Winner = Samus Aran

Ranged Combat

Master Chief

Samus Aran

He can use almost any weapon found in the battlefield. Along with being able to attack with any weapon he can find he also has a lot of strength allowing him to use a lot of heavy weaponry from sniper rifles, mini-guns to my all time favourite the Spartan Laser. While he may not have strong weapons always equipped he does have access to some incredible firepower which he can use with ease. Samus Arans arm cannon is extremely diverse in what it allows her to do with it. While it might seem like a weapon capable of a single action it can be upgraded and modified to fire a wide range of different projectiles that act in different ways. This diversity negates any issues that there might be with having access to alternative weapons types. Having heavy weapon functionality in a small compact weapon is a huge advantage for her.


Both Master Chief and Samus Aran have access to a great variety of specialised and powerful weapons which they can both use very well. Samus Arans weapon might be attached to her allowing for her to be more nimble when in combat but when being suppressed by some of the heavy weapons available to Master Chief she might not have such a great advantage.

Winner = Draw


Master Chief

Samus Aran

He has great combat experience and knowledge of war and battle. After extensive battles with the covenant he has knowledge of using weapons, gadgets and machines from all areas. While he may not have the brain of a scientist when it comes to battle tactics he has an edge over most enemies. She is a trained bounty hunter with countless achievements under her belt from years of experience. The job of being a bounty hunter who has to hunt down enemies from different planets requires her to get into the mind of the enemy in order to find the best way to achieve her goal. On top of being a bounty hunter she has plenty of combat experience to back it up giving her the brains to hunt the enemy as well as being able to hunt them down and deal with the problem.


Being a combat hardened veteran, Master Chief has a lot going for him when it comes to using his vast knowledge of battle to be able to take down an enemy no matter the size. Samus Aran also has a lot of experience in battle but different to that of Master Chief. Samus could use her skills as a bounty hunter to give her a major advantage in outsmarting Master Chief.

Winner = Samus Aran


Master Chief

Samus Aran

His suit while very good for defence offers very little in terms of agility. The suit offers some super human like powers such as an incredibly high jump it is a heavy and a bulky suit of armor. Its weight and size will definitely restrict the chiefs movements making him less agile in combat. Her armor offers plenty of protection but at the same time gives her some degree of freedom for movement. Her suit is iconically able to allow her to curl up into a ball allowing her to roll around. While we may never know how she physically does this the fact remains that she can.


Samus Aran has a huge advantage when it comes to agility. Her movement in general combined with her never needing to carry external weapons and equipment around give her a lot more freedom of movement. Master Chiefs suit is more specialised for battle and not for any movements such as rolling up into a ball which Samus Arans suit allows her to do.

Winner = Samus Aran

Special Abilities

Master Chief

Samus Aran

He does not contain any specific special ability. His suit is powerful but it merely does what a suit of armor should do, protect the wearer. His diversity in combat could be considered a unique feature of his. He can drive/fly almost any vehicle available, he can attack enemies using almost every ranged or melee weapon he finds along with grenades regardless of whether they are made from alien technology. Samus Arans power armor gives her a lot of unique special abilities that other soldiers don't have. Her arm cannon being her biggest asset which is a weapon attached to her arm that other enemies cant simply pick up and use if it were dropped. Her suit also gives her the ability to curl up into a ball letting her quickly make her way trough small holes and escape from enemies.


Due to the lack of any special abilities for Master Chief, Samus Aran wins this 1 hands down.

Winner = Samus Aran


Master Chief

Samus Aran

He has great combat experience and while it may not give him any special abilities it does give him superb protection in battle. The suit gives him an great defence and leaves him with almost no physical weaknesses. While his love for a particular A.I may come into question it cant really be considered a weakness. She is almost defenceless when caught in a close quarters situation. Having no melee weapons and little in terms of physical strength she could take some extreme damage if caught in a close quarters situation and was unable to escape from it.


Both of these characters rely very heavily on their power armor to provide them with their specific combat edge Samus Aran relies on it far more than Master Chief. On top of that she has physical weaknesses that the chief does not.

Winner = Master Chief

The Fight

Master Chief should be able to instantly determine Samus Aran's weakness and act on it. Suppressing fire on her until he can hopefully make his way to a situation where he can attack her in close combat. Armed with a energy sword the chief should be aiming to get Samus in a situation where he can attack her and she cant curl into a ball and escape.
Samus Aran with all her experience should also be aware of her weakness that that the chief will be aiming to exploit this. She will do her best to keep her distance from Master Chief, attacking him from a distance with her arm cannon in the hope she can take down his shield. Being quick and nimble should allow her to successfully keep her distance from Chief.

Master Chief has great combat ability and experience but does not have the ability to exploit Samus Arans weakness. His heavy weapons are more than enough to take on Aran in ranged combat but being bulky and heavy slow him down allowing Aran to gain a tactical advantage on him and could possibly result in her being able to flank him and take him out from behind.


Master Chief = 3

Samus Aran = 5


All fighting aside they would make a good couple.

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Samus wa trained since the age of 4 so yeah she has more experience. Samus can also call her gunship to performa bombing run and also have it life large objects to move. Master Chief was trained by the military to be the best of the human race. Samus was raised by an alien race who had far more advanced technology than humans at an earlier age than master chief. SHe left the Chozo as a teenager and then joined the galactic federation military and worked for them for years. Master Chief is an amazing super soldier, but Samus has had more exprience and diverse training than master chief. Samus wins but not by much



Not bothering to read all this, but it's worth noting, Samus's physical strength is far greater than Master Chief's. Given that Planet Zebes has gravity about 900x greater than Earth's and she was running around as a child on that planet infused with Chozo DNA, that shows a natural strength far greater than anything the chief could ever hope to have. In addition, she was trained in military combat, so one would assume her combat training would be on par with chief. Finally, she survived being stomped on by Kraid, and even lifted his foot up in a manga. Kraid weights about 110 tons, so Samus beats chief in every aspect.

Case Closed
Samus absolutely wrecks Master Chief. She is better in any aspect.
Gramzon Dragon[Guest]
No matter what, Master Chief will always lose to a chick in a robotical suit of armor.
Gramzon Dragon[Guest]
No matter what MC has, he will always lose to a chick in a robotical suit of armor
Samus destroys 8000 Chiefs...

Like Dark-Samus, Samus 1 has: her own Samus DNA, Chozo DNA, is corrupted with phazon to 100% levels into her DNA, AND Metroid DNA. But when you get to Phaaze, she's 80-90% phazon biologically(Or so, since before you get to phaaze your 75% corrupted ) since her ship no-longer reads her as Samus on phaaze. So despite not having floating abilities, spawning Phazon, creating clones and healing in particles: Samus should be close to planetary level when she got to Phaaze counting her Metroid DNA. In her Usual Varia suit, Samus has 14 energy tanks in prime, that can resist stated 'mass destruction' from firing a future nuke weapon that killed Gorea, but it took 6 Shots atleast to End him, and since Nukes are only shown to be city level, She's implied to be tanking Each Blast she deals to him, Besides the amount it takes to officially end him, she can resist 84+ nukes of radiation and heat. So I feel she would be planetary level +, not to mention she has SO many things that can heal her, like her Metroid Cells able to drain Energy if it somehow got to her Blood and reserve tanks. She's had to have resisted her own Dark-burst(Dark energy black hole) and Sonic boom cracking against time and space, and she's handled trans-dimensional energy without being assimilated to another dimension. The Ing are really just Phazon, as you see in Prime 3. The Ing(And phazon apparently) are known to absorb energy constructs like: Bio, solar and geothermal energy. To become the Ing you see in prime 2, the Phazon would have needed to absorb Dark-energy(So when Dark Aether was formed it took in the energy becoming a totally different energy construct). AND Its able to corrupt spiritual energy from another dimension. So, the P.E.D suit from prime 3 can handle a whole entire planet that can transmute itself and absorb Dark energy, life energy and spiritual energy- bypassing its effects completely, even absorbing phazon instead into her suit. The Ing even try to possess her(Keep in mind Phazon being able to absorb anything) But she resists.

So, so much more.. I was lazy in my responds a little.
Eh, this is just my opinion but I think they'd be an equal match for each other.
MP-hunters Samus Scan visor can Scan Packets of Telepathic Data, so she can possibly read into someone’s current motives/read minds by scanning them. Her Suit in MP-hunters can resist the break down of an anti-matter dimension, presumably Galaxy-wide since the story took place in the Tetra Galaxy(Or if you wanna use vagueness, the void of anti-matter was called the 'infinity void' which could imply endless anti-matter; and we cant have that. ) Her Suit in Prime 2 Resists Trans-dimensional beams which would assimilate her atoms to another dimension(Or at-least if we use what trans-dimension energy does in other forms of fiction via War-Hammer, it shifts matter to another dimension)

Lol While fighting in this literal 'infinity' void Or just galaxy wide void made of Anti-matter, she’s firing Heavy radiation via Omega cannon at Gorea, the weapon was stated 'mass destruction' and gamma radiation from the Alimbic’s, so you get that picture. She fires this thing 7 times at Gorea or more, and she never really gets any damage from firing it in some close quarters range.. So that’s multi-city level alone(In just one tank)
Now consider the power-scaling of Phazon totally taking her out when the omega pirate fell on her. It mutated the suit, but also forced the suit to adapt. There’s 14 energy tanks in prime, each tank can handle 7 or more blasts to try and harm Gorea, so combined tanks would easily be Country level durability, and Phazon being something totally beyond Gamma radiation was Absorbed to create the Phazon-Suit, so country + level in Varia suit and Gravity suit together-(the scenario with Omega pirate Incarnation/fight)
We Don’t have a clear idea of the Phazon-suits strength, so iv power-scaled it to Phazite, Which needed High-frequency radiation that resided factually within the X-ray Spectrum to even Harm it, 10,000,000c/k Via the Nova Beam.. So that number to even harm it, plus 14 and its 140,000,000? And Not even counting the PED-suit, plus the Phazon-suit was resistant to phazon, so God Knows where that power-scaling would be....
She’s probably implied to be Black-hole level to an extent, what with firing the Dark-burst around herself(Which is translated to 'black hole) despite its obvious black-hole nature and components, Dark-energy/dark-matter.

Although a Mere Game-mechanic, its not a vague one; In fusion the X-core fires her own wave-beam at her- the energy goes through matter with electricity and magnetism traveling at the speed of light in a vacuum.
The player(Her) must dodge this, Although its not 'running speed' it could be counted as her suits observational fear of being in-danger via her suits Sense-move(Which goes beyond her own speed and reaction time) And In Metroid prime 2 she can ride within the photons of light, and enter in and out, and its assumed when in mid reentry from the photons she would be moving at light-speed velocity what with hitting the ground as she turns physical again. Add her speed-boosters would make her just barely FTL if she combined the velocity and boosters together as a strategy combo- she also lands perfectly fine when coming out of the velocity, so her reaction when being teleported out of the light is LS Id like to think. With or without the boosters, she’s still got Move-sense precognition..

Plus She's got Metroid DNA, Almost 100% biologically Phazon via End game MP3 Samus, add it together and she would be just like Dark-Samus besides the Extra-abilities and close to planetary level like Dark-Samus on-top of her Country + level, black-hole level + her gravity suit Would negate so much Damage he could do with her just standing Still.. She blows him away with The sonic boom ripping apart his existence in time-space.
Weaknesses is completely wrong
The Mjonlir DOES have weaknesses.
In game, plasma makes incredibly short work of MJONLIR shielding. But in Lore overall plasma still wrecks the armor overall.

Otherwise the shields are completely vulnerable to EMP, and Forerunner/Promethean Particle!Antimatter weapons just vape the whole thing.

Samus -had- one weakness (to the cold) that was extremely brief, but unlike master chief there isn't a known weapon type that's paticularly effective against Samus, when there is it's usually super natural or unique to the Metroid universe (like Phazon, which is both).

Otherwise, the person who wrote this obviously did not play Other M (not that I blame him) Samus is seen tossing around creature larger than brutes effortlessly, and even lifts and THROWS a bloody magma whale the size of a Humpback whale. Point blank the wide beam is an effective shotgun with freezing effects.. but most importantly

The Screw Attack: which near instantly, this ability coats Samus armor with desctrutive energy that can even vaporize matter moving at super sonic speeds towards the armor, this will deteer melee attack, and defends Samus from anything short of extremely high powered attacks, and potentially deflect the energy sword.

The Gravity suit: negates the Gravity hammer.

Power Bombs: an explosive that vaporizes everything within several meters, to dozens meters (Other M, possibly 100m) of Samus. Regardless of version getting close to her is a lethal risk should she drop one.
Samus has also brawled and defeated multiple times Dark Samus, a stronger and arguably intellectually equivalent enemy. Chief has yet to do so, and if we go off online multiplayer, well, no, that wouldn't be a good idea. Back to what said earlier, the hardest modes of metroid have samus taking multiple heavy blows from bosses without losing the majority of her health whereas chief on the easiest modes dies from five energy sword slices. Chief's shield, game wise, runs out rather quickly and leaves him vulnerable to direct attacks. Samus' 24 and 99% energy takes give enemies a take-or-leave 25 hit minimum to kill her, going off omega metroid slices, the strongest atta k samus has ever went up against in any metroid game



wave-ice-plasma beam or diffusion missiles will end chief before he can get 3 energy tanks off samus.
When I mentioned the plasma pistol of halo, I was referring to the pistol that shoots the crystal spikes and can make the enemy implode. Haven't played halo in a while so my terminology is rusty. Very rusty
Wow autocorrect is an ass.

*since the crazy is obtained

*ghost chozo
To add a little more, mjolnir's is useless against samus' echo, xray, and dark visor (the latter being a guess but the first surefire) since the crazy is obtained in game in order to see invisible people, but not just invisible, but quite frankly ghosts ie the ghost schizo which faze in and out of reality. The echo for obvious reasons can detect chief of sound alone and I doubt he's as quiet as a cat in half-a-ton-plis armor. The dark visor also spots invisible enemies that faze in and out of reality (the space pirate commandos). The omega cannon by any versatile weapon in the halo universe, unless you have one of those rings in your back pocket. Samus has an array of different suits, so since master chief in this argument is equipped in his most powerful suit, samus would be likewise equipped in her most powerful suit. Samuses suit was never officially broken in any game unless she died. The most powerful attack her suit merely knocked her into a weaker suit according to the beginning mission of metroid prime.Samus also has yet to be knocked out of her screw attack by any comparable-sized enemy. The only attack to ever weaken samus to the point of immobility is the omega metroids slice (and I think dino mother brain did so in super metroid), and still didn't KO samus. Sam uses screw attacks through basically any attack thrown at her. Running on into chief with a screw attack won't kill but will likely have the effect it had on the SA-X on metroid fusion, instead without samus losing health. FURTHMORE going off the prime series, samus switches beams so the wave beam, ice beam, plasma beam are seperate attacks. Going of Fusion and Zero Mission, these beams are all combined in the later stages of the game, so if Chief can heal injuries from the wave beam since it phases through armor, the ice wave beam combo (seen at the later stages of the prior mentioned games) can faze through his armor and freeze him as well, most likely blocked out the mjolnirs healing ability, if not, freezing it in the process, effectively freezing chief and effectively leaving him open to get whooped. Samus has yet to be penetrated by ANY form of weaponry, and even the SA-X ice beam, which phases samus, hardly does considerable damage considering she has 24 energy tanks plus the 99 units of health that never became that 25 energy tank, not including her stored energy which she has the ability to do according to super metroid. The wave beam is enough to take out chief. The diffusions missiles are enough to immobilize chief. The screw attack is enough to repel or simply eradicate any projectile the chief has to offer. The chances of chief hitting samus with a fuel rod cannon.. Yeah. Very slim. The plasma pistol could deal damage if samus doesn't screw attack it off, and would be similar to samus' wave beam, save the undenyable fact that plasma pistol ammunition doesn't phase through things. Samus' varia suit armor has withstood dark energy and light energy attacks with relative ease, so if chief happened to get his hands on that technology, it still wouldn't be any sort of deal breaker whatsoever. Going back on an earlier mention, samus was weakened to the point of immobility in her power fusion suit, made of metroid skin, and her varia or gravity suit in super metroid.this is just my opinion, but the light suit, dark suit, and phazon suit are far more powerful than these.and last time I checked, samus' final suit on corruption allowed her to absorb phazon, effectively making her impervious to radioactive/poisonous chemicals to the point that it actually healed her. On legendary, chief is killed by one shot from a beam rifle. On the hardest mode on any metroid game, any atta k from the strongest enemies requires fifteen to twenty to fifty strikes before downing samus. This may sound unimpressive WO the unphazed diehard halo fan, but you have to take into account samus brawls with much bigger bosses than master chief has ever faced. Metroid Prime, Quadraxis, Thardus, and Nightmare are just a few examples of enemies she's had to face that were multiple times her size. ALSO take into account that samus, while facing the metroid prime and other scenario equivalents in other games, has withstood atta skills from her own weaponry ie wave beam, plasma beam, etc. Light beams from dark Ing, dark beam shots from pirate commandos, and power bombs from the SA-X have failed to fell samus in one shot or even ten to twenty shots on the hardest modes. Even on Metroid Prime hunters, when hit with the omega cannon by the final boss, samus is not incapacitated. Chief on the other hand can't take 10 (or maybe even less) direct fuel rod blasts until he's dead. Food for thought
Samus's wave beam follows the target and phases through armor. Mjolnir's cloak won't do any good against Samus' echo visor, and samus just needs to keep running stay in speed boost most. Not to mention we're most likely referring to the stock power suit, samus' phazon suit/dark suit/light suit/corruption suit are far superior to her stock outfit. Her screw attack has yet to be resisted by any regular sized enemy and her power bombs have yet to be done the same. Her ice beam freezes by conventional means, so it wouldn't be a surprise if mjolnir repels it, but her dark beam also freezes and I don't see mjolnir blocking that. Samus' plasma beam also burns by conventional means, so the same scenario can be put into play but her light beam burns as well. If she can't break mjolnirs shield by a regular shot, remember in metroID prime 2 she also has Light/Dark beam missle combos, for heavy impact then the beam's respective ability to take affect. Hand to hand is a peculiar topic since samus obviously kicks ass on super smash bros and I wouldn't bet against the fact that she has extensive hand to hand training in the canon series.mjolnir has an incredibly fast reaction time, but samus' speed boost mode doesn't have a limit. Mjolnir has regenerative abilities, true, but according to super metroid samus can store back up if she needs to on top of the ridiculous 20-22 energy tanks she already can hold (I think metroid fusion maxes her out at 24 energy tanks). This being said, in game chief can't take more than two energy sword slices, whilst samus takes ten-twenty slices from Ridley's tail without dying.Samus saved the universe basically every freaking game including prime hunters.SPEAKING OF PRIME HUNTERS, the omega cannon is a one hit KO on any alopponent in the game, literally eradicating them into, literally, a ghost lol. Phazon beam can poison chief, and the hyper beam, if I remember correctly, drains the opponents energy while feeding her own. If mjolnir can detach enemy weaponry, it'd still be some pretty dope magic to unhook poison/plasma/dark energy of the hyper beam.samus' space jump already gives her the ability to fly endlessly and the screw attack, unless you go strictly off the zero mission campaign, already has this equipped. NEXT samus has ice missiles which can deal explosive damage to mjolnir and freeze chief. If, as someone said earlier, the gravity hammer (or whatever it was) can repel missiles, samus has diffusion missiles from metro ID fusion, which don't even need to touch chief to freeze him.if mjolnir is directly connected to the wearers nervous anything electrical will wreak havoc on the wearer but honestly the stun gun would leave a defenseless chief... Defenseless. Going of games only, samus would easily defeat chief. If you factor in feats from halo's stories, it'd be fair to throw in samus' abilities from the super smash bros series, in which hand to hand combat is a surefire ability in samus' offensive arelsenal.I highly doubt Fuel rod cannons, or more so to the point any edition of mjolnir can just take samus' final smash (the massive blast from her cannon) which may or may not destroy her suit (it does in Super Smash Bros Brawl, it doesnt in the latest installment, Super smash bros 4). So, in conclusion, samus still wins. Not to mention her scan visor can find weak points in chiefs armor like it doesn't every enemy in every game its featured in. As for intelligence, if any of you actually played metro ID, the scan visor is a computer, so cortana is NOT a superior intellect deal breaker for chief. Thank you.
When spartens are physically augmentated their intelligence is also extremely boosted. Master chief actually is smarter than a scientist when it comes to battle tactics.
Love both series, fight would end in a draw from everything I know about both characters, Metroid Prime is not canon, don't use Zebes gravity because they are incorrect gravity is a little less than Earth's. R&D1 had very little influence on story and gameplay of the Metroid Prime series all Retro so this means games are non canon.
I am sad at this other guest who is very one sided and is very unaware of samus abilitys while I'm quite aware of both. Before you continue ranting on about how easly master chief would win go take the time to look up facts on both not 1. Then again I can't seem to find the dates these were posted so I will give an example of the samus I know. She has the ability to run over supersonic speeds and you think that the arm cannon is movement restricting it isn't (not going to be one sided like I stated earlier so now the chief or as I know John) yes he does seem to magically know how to operate and use every weapon and vehicle and device he comes across(granted with the help of cortona on some) is a huge plus. He is genetically altered with heavily reinforced bone structure(heard it was coated with metal but don't quote me on that) and the suite provides a rediculas amount of strength would easily win in hand to hand with samus(she is also genetically altered which increases her strength greatly) with that in mind the chif would win in hand to hand. Now time to go on with who I would think would win with the info that I have and know(not all that I know and have considered is not being displayed keep this in mind) now the chief would win and win in one way only hand to hand. They both have super armored suits which helps them in everything (strength speed agility ect ect) samus suit is much more advanced than the chiefs which gives her an edge in almost every thing(I said almost) while the chief can run at 100km/h which is extremely fast samus can run at supersonic speeds in her suit(note that with out their suit they would most likely be around the same speed but their is no way to prove this point to my knowledge)now as for their agility I would put them on about pare but giving samus the edge do to her extreme flexibility(barely gets that edge) as their suits give them both increased speed and agility(please note being stronger does not make a person faster or more agile than another) now for their shielding I'm giving this to samus(I'm not being one sided just starring this now as I'm supporting info on both and starring as to why they would win this catigory) this is because of the fact that nothing will hurt her until all the energy from her shields are gone(from what I know that's 20 tanks of shilds all providing 99 plus the last one always with the suit if striped dawn to the basics so that's 21 • 99 you do the math) while the chiefs shield can recharge automatically over time they can be overpowered and be bypassed which is a problem if your getting hit by a spartan laser or a more over powered weapon which sadly Aran has in her 1 gun. You my say that a charged blast from the plasm pistol will dran her shields completely ill have to disagree with that. 1 don't know what power serorce is one her suit so it may only take a few shields down maybe 10 of the 99 but if it is compatibal as you may argue it would take down the shields completely this is where you would be half right. As the energy tanks are separate and activate when needed making it a total of 21 full charged plasma shots which is very impractical. Now the armor itself for protection(without shild) now I would eather call this or a chief win but not by much(keep in mind I'm using samus standard armor for this comparison) as for bullets then plasma then energy weapons. When it comes to standard bullets chief gets it due to the thickness of the armor now while samus may be much thinner it is roundeded and sloped adding to armor protection(for people that don't know who'll ill give a quick explanation to this lets say you had 45 mm of armor and it hits strait on this is the easiest way ten pen the armor now if you put that armor at a 45 degree angle and hit it stragt on you now hit something with the armor equvalent to that of 90mm laying flat. Hope this makes sense because not going in depth on this just giving a rough of it to ya) and not knowing the true thicknesses of their armor I'm going of of what I can see for this. Chiefs armor looks to be at lest 2 times thicker than samus but her armor is not at a 45 slope but it is sloped increasing its armor value. Now plasma this stuff doesn't care if its sloped or not so chief gets this all because his armor is thicker. Now energy this stuff I haven't had the time to resource this so for now calling it a draw. So that mean chiefs got the better hard armor(when your down to hard armor that means you got no shileds) now the next thing is the weapons(maybe the last thing I cover for now may leave more. As a comment in the future) I'm going to give this to samus who has a massive arsenal in 1 gun. For example the charge shot,missle super missle seeker missle bomb super bomb anialater cannon(yes spelling is probably off on some of these) ice beam nova beam grapple beam (I forgot the name of the beam but ill explane what it does it latches onto said target or in this case chief and then drans the power from it and charging her shields) the list goes on and on I'm not even going to name anymore. While the chief has a good arsenal he can hold only 2 guns at a time(3 if duel wealding) but as I said very powerful the spartan laser being the strongest on the list but it looks like a child's toy to some of samuses guns oh I forgot to mention the wave gun which can go through walls to hit the target and not leave a he in the wall making cover obsolete. Now one last thing to add they both have visors that can aid them now not knowing much on this part for chief at the moment I won't declare a winner for it. They both have huds which provides ammo count and radar to enemy location(they will know where each other is at any said moment) chief has a cloking device well it's made bill and void because of samuses x ray visor or heat visor. Now like I said donk know much on this part for chief at the moment but I'm pritty sure they got night optics and heat optics in that thing. He's got armor lock and bubble shields. Now if the chief can some how get it to a fist fight only some how he would win but that's the problem their is no such thing as fist fight only when facing samus. So after all that I would give samus the win. Now don't get me wrong I love both of their games and I've put some time into getting info before putting out my thoughts out on the subject. Now my ears are open and if I missed something(which btw I know that I did seeing as know one is perfect) ill happily listen to what you've got to say but first take the time to study both sides first. Thank you all for your time and I hope I've added new light to this. (As awesome as Sierra 117 petty officer master chief is I don't think he stands any where near the same league that samus aran is in please feel free to argue against this or for it that is all thank you.
I would like to add one quick last thing to this I am very tired at the moment of writing this so ill come back and fix any errors that I may have put in and add some more poins to this when I'm not tired. Now I realize that I'm tired and my arguments may at one point or another become one sided. I don't know where or when but please keep this in mind if it did become one sided ill be back to add more points and that will be fixed thank you for your time and paitence

Sorry, but Master Chief should win the intelligence category hands down. Master Chief was trained from childhood for combat (conscripted at age 6). Also, he can plug Cortana into his suit. Good luck, Samus, in matching the computational and analytical power of Cortana.
Did anyone consider Master Chief turning on the Halo rings/array.
BTW the covenant gravity hammer redirects missiles. Just sayin.
Master chiefs reaction speed is 0.5 milliseconds, that's 0.0005 seconds, which is tripled by the MJOLNIR Mk 5 armor, 0.0005 divided by three, allowing for him to dodge missiles approaching him at 200km/h. Source: book, The Fall of Reach
It's been documented. Ends in a dance party.

So what guest is saying is that there haven't been enough books written about Samus that bequeath her with documentation of how awesome her skills are. I propose a campaign to create a series of Samus fanfics.
On another point, rolling into a ball with a relatively large target profile with the speed of an average vehicle (yes, even with a boostball).
Would provide a great opportunity to quickly whittle down the power suit's shielding, with, oh I don't know the 80-round .50 caliber SAW introduced in Halo 4. It would also be a great opportunity for any Spartan to just board the thing and tear it apart like they did to the Covenant Wraiths during the Invasion of Reach, good thing that morph ball has so many grabbing points.

I wonder how much good the grapple beam would do, given the MJOLNIR's ability to project Hard-Light shielding and the ability to dislodge energy weapons latched to the armor when it locks down.
Now, on the point of Samus' "advantages"
The Arm cannon is no different from the various energy weapons encountered in the Halo series, about on par with the Covenant's top of the line plasma weapons. It also has the capability of launching relatively small explosive weapons stored in the form of energy and created within the weapon itself when needed. Which is... Interesting. The fundamental problem with such a weapon is that it severely limits mobility, you won't be seeing any Spartan-level acrobatics when Samus is limited to the use of one hand. You certainly won't see her operating any normal vehicles that require both hands in order to operate.

The power beam seen in every single metroid game does not travel at a very high speed, certainly not as fast as any worthwhile projectile weapon. Even the lowly magmoors are able to dodge its projectiles. In a fight against a Spartan, I'd have trouble seeing that Samus would even be able to hit her target, given the fact that Spartans experience reality so quickly that redirecting or avoiding such slow-moving projectiles would be no trouble. Missiles would be no trouble either, especially that 117 in 2552 is equipped with a Smart-AI that would further optimize the connection between a Spartan's mind, and their MJOLNIR armor. Also, one thing most people fail to realize, MJOLNIR is not a shell that a Spartan resides in, MJOLNIR directly interfaces with a Spartan's nervous system. It is not a metaphorical extension of their body, it is literally part of their body.

Now, discounting game mechanics, the MJOLNIR mk. VI powered exoskeleton is more than capable of withstanding a few explosive rounds fired from a massively impractical and cumbersome arm cannon, >if< the Spartan is not able to redirect the rounds in the first place.

Also, I'm not sure how the Power Suit's capability to turn into a 1m (~1000cm) tall sphere is of any use, especially since that form gives absolutely no increase in armor resilience. I don't see any advantage at all other than being able to navigate through some impractically large air vents at a moderately higher speed, or to enter a biologically unlikely sphincter on a large alien creature in order to leave a relatively small explosive. Or a power bomb, which would likely also severely damage the power suit.

Now, you say that S-117 does not have any special capabilities. Other than having an active-camouflaging system that also masks thermal trails, an unbreakable Hard Light shield which cannot be damaged by any traditional means, thruster packs that further increase a Spartan's already impressive mobility, by giving them the ability to, I don't know, fly into Covenant Battlecruisers hovering at altitudes of at least 1,000m above sea level. The ability to summon automated energy turrets, spawn Forerunner based biological regeneration fields, or drop shields. Or lock the armor system into a temporarily invulnerable stage by overcharging the shields into a state that can completely disperse/deflect incredible amounts of energy.

OR my personal favorite, automatically regenerate all energy shields to their maximum state after only seconds to recover. Or another, based on Spartan Niaomi's MJOLNIR Mk. VII and MJOLNIR GEN2 systems: The ability to repair suit damage in real time through the use of nanites stored within the armor itself.
Also, the ability to rapidly repair damaged (broken) limbs, plasma burns and bullet wounds through the use of biofoam to keep a MJOLNIR operator alive long after they should have died.

The idea that a Spartan would be incapable of breaching a power suit through the easily available and incredibly advanced Hard-Light weaponry, Plasma Weaponry, or even the UNSC's projectile weaponry is laughable. ESPECIALLY given the UNSC's massive steps forward technologically speaking, post 2552. Like the railgun, for example. Which is easily capable of outright destroying FORERUNNER Promethean Knights, which are armed with technology far beyond those of the Chozo.

Speaking of which, the closest analogue to Samus Aran in the Halo Universe capabilities would be that of a highly-ranked Promethean Knight, without the ability to bend space and time to their favor. Their hard-light shielding, and hard-light weaponry and agility are all near-perfect analogues to Samus Aran's own equipment, and surpass them in many ways. The Promethean weapons capability of vaporizing matter at a molecular level, being one of them.
Man i cant believe you wrote that long ass comment and didn't even bother to put your username on it

MJOLNIR Armor speeds up reaction times by $1100% that of an average human. The latest comics have S-117 sprinting at around 100km/h with MJOLNIR safety limiters off. S-87 averages around 60km/h.

As for intelligence. Subject 117 was selected as an intellectual prodigy at the age of 6, his innate intellectual capabilities as well as his physical capabilities surpassed every other child in the human gene pool.

Spartans were screened across over 800 world, hundreds of billions of children were selected and tested, and only the top 0.1% were chosen for the program. They -are- at the absolute best of humanity and are at the top of the gene pool.

The Spartans were educated by the absolute best the UNSC could muster, their training and education cost as much as entire battle groups of UNSC Frigates. They were superhuman from the start and fiercely intelligent. Their physical capabilities matched or surpassed those of Olympic athletes at adolescence.

He wasn't just some kid unlucky enough to survive an alien attack.

There is no mention of the capabilities of MJOLNIR, MJOLNIR is not simply a heavy 1,000kg slab of Titanium with mechanical joints. It is an engineering marvel, force amplifying joints not only give Spartans immense strength, it makes them incredibly agile. And by incredibly agile, I mean horrifyingly fast if you were the one being hunted.

Now, back to the average Spartan's reaction time. Whereas every other human in existence lives a few hundred milliseconds behind reality due to the way our nervous system works, every human is at a disadvantage in comparison to a Spartan. When a Spartan is operating in perfect sync with MJOLNIR, they are living at the absolute edge of reality, they are experiencing reality as it happens, not simply watching the past as every other human does. They do not experience the latency in reality that every other human does.

The point that I am making is that Spartans are not simply walking tanks. They are the apex predators of the human race, they are intellectually and physically a step above what a human being could ever be. Their very consciousness exists on a different plane that we do, we watch reality as it unfolds milliseconds after it happens, they experience a level of existence that we could never even begin to comprehend.

They are terrifying post-human beings that move faster than we ever could, stronger than we'll ever be, and see and interact with reality in ways that we could not even begin to comprehend. Even their minds, their very minds are wired as warriors, the only reason they exist, the only reason they live and breath is for combat, it is all they have ever known, from the very start, they had no purpose, no dreams, no past, and no future except for what they were bred to do.

This is why they are held with such reverence by the human race in Halo, and this is why they're feared by even the most battle hardened soldiers they fight beside. In so many ways, they aren't soldiers, they're living, breathing weapons of mass destruction.
Well your a retard, the Chief has abilities to help him and much better and a bigger range of weapons then Samus. He was trained since age 6 to battle giving much more experience and has saved the universe 3 times and saved Earth 4 times (Its in the universe and that is halo 2s plot)He has the close combat ability to punch straight through her armor and kill her and from afar he can plasma her and get up close and a punch shes dead or just shoot her in the head twice. In one of the halo's (Can't remember which)It says Master Chief can run up to 150mph in his suit! He has armor abilities to help him too so he can armor lock a attack or bubble shield and get health back. He has TONS of vehicles and weapons and would DESTROY Samus
For agility the Mjolnir armor doesn't slow the Spartan's down at all, in fact it exponentially increases the movement and reaction speeds. It isn't in the game because it would break any sort of balancing but in the books it is talked about extensively

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