Some Seriously good games get slashed prices for the next two weeks. David Quirke 2014-04-09 NerdBurglars Video Games, article PSN EU Blockbuster Sale PSN EU Blockbuster Sale NerdBurglars NerdBurglars Some Seriously good games get slashed prices for the next two weeks. PSN EU Blockbuster Sale

PSN EU Blockbuster Sale

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PSN EU Blockbuster Sale

Not really a blockbuster sale but still there are some Seriously good games get discounted prices for the next two weeks.

Only games are listed below, no DLC. You can find the cost along with the score given to them on Metacritic, Whether of not the game contains a platinum trophy, The difficulty to obtain 100% of the trophies in the game ( and the length of time it takes to obtain all the trophies.

* We have tried to get most accurate metacritc scores available, if no suitable one is found we resorted to a score from an modern remake or re-release of the game and if no score was found after that we just left it out. also prices may be slightly different based on region

Playstation 3

Game Cost MetaScore Whether this game contains a platinum trophy. 100% Difficulty 100% Time
Battlefield 4 34.99 34.99 85 3 50 + hours
Battlefield 3 9.99 5.99 81 7 120 hours
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 7.49 7.49 88 5 50 + hours
Dead space 3 7.49 7.49 76 5 45 hours
Dead Space 2 7.49 7.49 89 8 40 + hours
Crysis 3 9.99 9.99 77 5 25+ hours
Crysis 2 7.49 7.49 85 8 80 + hours one trophy requires 6 months to get
Mass effect 2 9.99 9.99 94 7 35 - 80 hours
Mass effect 3 9.99 9.99 93 6 60 hours
Need for Speed: Most Wanted 14.99 14.99 84 3 20 + hours
Mass effect 2 12.99 11.69 91 5 40 - 80 hours

The Best

Mass Effect 2 still the best in the series, is one epic space drama with some of the best characters in gaming history, this is your first choice if haven’t already played this game

The trophy whore

Need For Speed: most wanted A pretty solid game by Criterion has a decent set of trophies that you should just from playing through the game.

What to avoid

Battlefield 4 Even at this discounted price the trouble that you will have with the multiplayer ruins it for me you're better off picking you battlefield 3 while you wait for the bugs to be ironed out.

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