Greatest Swords From Video Games

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Greatest Swords From Video Games

Heavenly Sword - Heavenly Sword

The Heavenly Sword was the main weapon from the game Heavenly Sword. The player has the ability to change the sword into 1 of 3 forms each being a different combination of attack strength and speed. The sword in its complete form makes for a pretty a badass looking sword.

Master Sword - Zelda

The master sword has become an iconic sword over the years. Used as by link from The Legend of Zelda games over the years the Master Sword is generally the sword that has the power to kill Gannon...but in saying that he comes back to life every damn game so the sword is doing a pretty shit job now that I think about it.
Still its "Magic Powers" aside the sword is still a pretty cool sword and looks cool when combined with the shield.

Giga Sword - 3D Dot Game Heroes

There have been a lot of giant swords in games over the years but this sword really earns the record for being the largest sword EVER! While it takes an insane amount of work to level this sword to the max once it is at its max size its a monster! Somehow your character is able to hide this sword in his bag and it somehow grows to the size of a castle when you take it out!

Blade of Olympus - God of War

The sword was created by Zeus..need i say any more?

Excalibur - Final Fantasy

Crazy swords are quite common in Final Fantasy games. Excalibur is 1 of the stronger weapons from the Final Fantasy games and it looks pretty badass too. There is a cheap imitation version of this sword in many games called Excalipoor.

Energy Sword - Halo

This sword is seriously overpowered but when you are getting your ass kicked on legendary it's a welcome tool to have to quickly wipe out some of the tougher enemies. The swords only weakness is in its name, it requires power and once that power is gone you are better off calling the enemies names to try and hurt them.

Frostmourne - World of Warcraft

Frostmourne is the sword of the Lich King. It appears on the cover of the Lich King expansion. "The wielder of Frostmourne will become the new Lich King". The sword sort of looks like a combination of the Sword of Olympus and the Soul Reaver.

Daedric Sword - Skyrim

For most people this was the sword that all that iron dagger grinding was done for. The lack of a Dragon Bone sword in the main game meant that we could only imagine how cool it would look if it did exist. Thankfully in the Dawnguard expansion they did add a Dragon Bone sword but I still think this is the coolest looking sword from the game.

Chainsword - Warhammer

Who doesn't like a sword that has a chainsaw built into it? Combine this with an 8ft Space Marine it makes for a seriously cool looking soldier.

Soul Reaver - Legacy of Kain

The Legacy of Kain series while quite popular didn't leave much of an imprint on the world of gaming which is a shame but what we do have to remember from the game is 1 of the coolest swords around. While not very flashy there is something about it that's!

Soul Calibur

This sword has come in many shapes and sizes over the years but this version is 1 of the cooler looks it has had.

Minecraft - Diamond Sword

It's made from freakin diamond! And just look at those jagged edges it's almost like a saw.

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Masamune from final fantasy 7 should be on this list

Agent 47
The blade of Olympias is also pretty kul
No Crissaegrim (Valmanway?!
it's energy sword not power sword
well spotted!

buster sword??
The Sword of Aeons from Fable before it was completely nerfed by The Lost Chapters.
How could you not have "ChaosEater" from Darksiders in there??
Chaoseater is quite generic imo. Doesnt really have a whole lot thats unique about it other than the fact its big but so are 100s of other swords

completely missed squalls gun blade.... keyblade too. hmm maybe even masamune from ff7....

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