Fallout 3 Gamer Kills Everything In The Entire Game

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Fallout 3 Gamer Kills Everything In The Entire Game

Starting back in January 19th it has taken almost nine months for this to be completed. The video series has been posted to Many A True Nerds YouTube channel. The basic idea is in the title, starting from the very start of the game, the goal is to kill everything in the entire game!

An awesome idea combined with hillarious commentary makes for a very entertaining Let's Play series with a twist. Check out the video below to watch the series.

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This is new? I've done it once every Bethesda game, all the way back to Morrowind. Gotta use mods/console for some, but just to disable not being able to kill key NPCs.

At least Morrowind just tells you you're screwed if you kill a key character and recommends you load a save.

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