Why Microsoft Are Ruining this Console Generation

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Why Microsoft Are Ruining this Console Generation

This is a simple blog post where I want to express my opinion on why Microsoft have annoyed me with their PR when it comes to the Xbox One.

The first hit for the Xbox One came when they announced the console always had to be online and would not allow games to be traded. The main reason this was annoying was how Microsoft reacted to it. They tried defending the features and tried to convince people how the features would benefit the users while never truly explaining what the true constraints and details of the features were. Like everyone else I had not seen much of the console so I really couldn't bash it on those reasons alone so I gave Microsoft the benefit of the doubt once they announced they had removed these constrains on the system.

Time passed and Microsoft eventually launched the Xbox one and as a gamer I have found Microsoft's actions with regard to the marketing of the Xbox One to be extremely frustrating. Sales figures for the system was the first point where things started to get shady. Getting your hands on a Playstation 4 is a difficult task as they are being sold faster than Sony can produce them. Reports from around the world have confirmed that almost all major retailers were sold out of PlayStation 4 consoles. Within a few days of the launch of the Xbox One Microsoft tweeted stating that the Xbox One was sold out across the globe . This statement was technically true they had but these consoles were not in the hands of the consumers they were still sitting on store shelves, Microsoft had just sold every console from the warehouses they were stored in. This was also confirmed by reports across the internet of people finding day 1 consoles still in stock in stores that they checked. Microsoft might be under stiff competition this generation but bending the truth isn't going to benefit anyone.

The next issue I found was in relation to this promotional poster made by Microsoft to promote the hardware architecture of the new console.

Its not uncommon for company's to embellish the truth when describing their products but this is a complete. The ps4 has good hardware inside but it is nowhere near supercomputer power, in fact it is just scraping close to a good gaming PC spec. Developers working on games for both consoles have previously stated that the ps4 is a more powerful system than the Xbox One. This is true when comparing the hardware on paper and when comparing the games that are released for both consoles. The Xbox One is unable to run most games in 1080p where as the ps4 is doing it just fine. A post made by Konami comparing MGS5 between all consoles shows there isnt much between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. The reason behind this according to most developers is related to the "Supercomputer" esram from the poster above. It is the reason why developers are finding it difficult to get Xbox One games to run in resolutions higher than 720p. Seems a bit odd that a super computer cant run a modern video game in 1080p.

The next big annoyance for me is "The power of the cloud". This is like the "Power of the Cell" with the ps3. From the moment I heard this I had my suspicions on how powerful this would actually be and I still don't believe it will provide the Xbox with all the power it needs to become a supercomputer. If the cloud is so powerful then why bother releasing a console that has hardware at all? why not do all the processing on the cloud? The idea behind using the cloud is to take some processing work that would normally have to be done by the console and offload it to a server which will do it. This is just riddled with problems. Take this scenario. You are fighting against a boss in a game. The Xbox One decides to offload some of the processing to the cloud when suddenly the internet goes down. This means there is going to be some sort of a pause where the Xbox realizes that the connection has dropped and needs to go and process the information that was lost when sent to the cloud. The Xbox could do this in the background as a fail-safe but then it would render the cloud pointless in the first place since it isn't freeing any internal resources of the system. Saying that the cloud will make up for the Xbox One being short on power is a false statement and while it might help in some areas it wont make up for the system being underpowered.

Microsoft are clearly taking advantage of the fact that a lot of people on the internet will read anything in an image and believe it. This might be working in well for Microsoft in hiding the shortcomings of the system but is bad form for company to be doing this. There is embellishing the truth like most company's do with their products and there is blatantly lying about their product.

The biggest argument to all this is that "it isn't about the graphics its about the games", this is very true and I believe this. My issue isn't with the Xbox' visuals not being as good as the PS4 it is the fact that Microsoft are constantly lying about their product. It is annoying to see a company lying publicly like this and getting away with it. The system has been in development for some time. They should have been somewhat aware of what Sony were doing with the PS4 and countered them accordingly.

The latest move from Microsoft comes in the removal of Kinect from the retail bundles. This is a good move but they cant just remove it and admit they made a mistake. There are countless posts online claiming that this has given developers an extra 10% GPU power. Kinect has been optional since launch, why has it been using 10% of the GPU while powered off? This isn't the point, the point is that they cant keep lying about the power of the system. We know the hardware in the system, Microsoft need to stop pretending they have a super computer and stop adding more fuel to the fire!

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Wow. Lots of hate in these comments. All consoles/pc's have pros and cons, great games and bad ones. Give the fanboy fued a rest, only simpletons argue opinions as facts. One more thing, you kids with filthy mouths will never be taken seriously until learn to communicate as an adult.
Microsoft is for the PC master race and Xbox console master race with innovation.
$0N¥ PauperStation = dying brand for the losers at real life paupers that can't afford proper gaming. THOSE are the real ones ruining the gaming industry.
Poor comment piece. This more of rant, that's not what comment pieces are supposed to be. A few sloppy typos too.

I agree with everything in this piece except for the headline. It should have a more positive slant and say something like. How Microsoft Are trying to keep this Console Generation alive. It is all about survival at this point and we need that fighting spirit.
I would call your article, 'How Sony's fanboys try to ruin This generation...'. Trying to change Xbox One to be like a Ps4, even though they have no intention of buying one. Trying to turn every positive news into something negative. Xbox one was made to run DirectX 12, software is not ready yet, please give it a break and play your precious Ps4.
Angry Gamer [Guest]
Give it a break? Why should we, the gaming community give a console a break if a company uses software that's not ready but decides sell the product anyway just to compete. The only ones getting screwed is the community of gamers. Yet it is our fault that the companies are like this, when a company puts out a sub par system when they claimed it was going to be the greatest thing ever, we just say "that it wasn't ready yet, give the system a break." It's called tough love if you want the system you were promised by the company; you hold them accountable and don't compromise or else the company will just think that it is okay to release unfinished products to the consumer because we will buy it anyway. I don't know about you but I prefer to have a system that works the way it should the day I get it.

"The Xbox One is unable to run most games in 1080p where as the ps4 is doing it just fine"

Uh... Hate to tell you ps4 isn't reaching 1080p every time. So just fine isnt exactly 1080p every time. So is the ps4 a 900p machine? Xbox one a 720p machine? This article is a fanboy driven bait article.
I can't believe the bullshit im reading in this article, only on n4g were you will find 90 plus negative shit on xbox one. I love games and dont want none of these systems to fail.
Lol funny how xbots think that just because MS have done a ton of 180's everything is fine.

The point is that now we know their true colours and if given the chance, they will screw you hard.

The only reason they changed their policies is because they would have been dead and no-where near the PS4 if they didnt change their policies.

Anyway, im glad not everyone is sucking on M$'s dick after being brainwashed.

PS4 = 4thegamers
xbone = forthefailures
The only person sucking anyone's dick is PS4 fans. They're not being open minded about the Xbone and how it can CHANGE. PS4 fans don't realize that the PS3 had the same problem the Xbone did. The PS3 still got better over time, and the Xbone already is too. I don't get it. The PS4 is a great console, and MS is working on to make the Xbone better by listening to the community. Stop being ignorant.

Gill Bates[Guest]
Microsoft doesn't listen to the community , most of the changes to the Xbone is because of the PS4... no PS4 = Xbone always online DRM , Kinect always on and etc

Keep on sucking on a company's dick that's gonna go bankrupt soon. Then we'll see on who's dick ur gonna sit ur ass on !

Tony the xbot noob[Guest]
Even if Sony went bankrupt, I'd play my games on PC, not the shitbox. I would be less embarrassed playing with barbie dolls than with the xbox done.

Mike the Man[Guest]
Your all sheep in general..lol Anyone who is loyal to one brand is fanboy whose obsessive and has weird tendencies. True story. The person that wrote this article is reading into the industry way too much. Past is the past get over it or just quit gaming you whiny dork cause no onesie going to miss you or care. True story also. I laugh at every gay fanboy who defends this or that and complains about the other companies. Can't wait for this trash to die and it will. Goodbye weird people
Look to all these M$ sheeples on the article defending them
so sad , its really really sad to see people sacrifice their dignity over M$ business practices and pretend like nothing from the past will happen again WAKE UP GAMERS
Mike The Man[Guest]
This article is the cancer on the face of this planet! True story..

Gribble Grunger[Guest]
Hey, you look so upset when others have more money in business. WAKE UP and CALL Dr. Feelsgood, you need some meds and tissues...

Thats because they dont have any dignity to begin with. They sold their soul to the devil (M$) and want to ignore every ocassion where they tried to fuck them in the arse, and protest against a company who is offering them better hardware and games which are not just more meathead shooters that the 3rd parties are providing anyway.


you can still get day one editions....
Gribble Grunger[Guest]
... and sony still can't meet the demand? what does really happen to the PS4 'successful sales' when the stock price of sony sinking down to $16 now? Paupers got plonkered

I bought an Xbox One because I like the games more than the ones for Ps4. All these games like Beyond or Heavy Rain had a great story, but no real gameplay.
It's my decision hat I'm buying, not yours.
Jason Mounce[Guest]

first everyone here who disagrees to this article to the point of hate you are fanboys, yes no neutral person would say he is wrong i have xbox one and ps4, i never get mad or upset for what they say about any of them thus im a gamer, if you get upset you are a fanboy and need to play the games instead of raging on the internet and calling people names for no good reason. second for those who fit the profile you are delusional if you think xbox one is better than the ps4, playstation always carries with it more games and better exclusives, i bought xbox one for the few exclusives i like but there is no comparison to the ps exclusives, you dont like them because you cant play them and that is a fact. lastly you should see this video that represents my reply to all the people who made very smart replies here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfYJsQAhl0&;feature=youtu.be Stop saying nonsense if you bought xbox one and like it keep it to yourself no need to call every ps4 owner names as then they will reply with facts which leads you to call them ponys for saying the truth.

Jason Mounce[Guest]

Dr Scoobie[Guest]
That's the same reason why I bought a WiiU. Games really should be the main thing to consider, when buying a console. Hardware power means nothing, if there isn't many games you like.

Sony are in financial meltdown. Ps4 ain't gonna alter that situation ever.have fun playing your peer to. Peer hosted player matches,you sony fags.
Not for Sony it isn't.
There is nothing wrong with the One, for it will accomplish exactly what MS wants it to which is to push MS based products in every American household while pushing their products in other countries where they have a gamer fanbase.

Lets face it, MS cared more about pushing their operating system/tablets, their deal working with broadcasting companies, and of course any products that will support apps that they pump out for their OS for phones and competing tablets.

What may be even sadder is that when Nintendo is forced to make an early launch of their next system in 2016, they could help gaming by hitting the same benchmarks as the PS4 leaving the One behind or hurt gaming by matching the One leaving the PS4 doomed to go unpushed for the rest of its life with third party games that they dont front the bill to pay for the extra options/graphics their system is capable of.

In any case, MS hurt gaming if nothing more than that developers will have to wait for Nintendo to decide which path they will take before they start making the next game engines for consoles to know what benchmarks they can push as opposed to limping along with the One as it holds back gaming in general.

It should be no surprise to anyone that the last game engines did not come out until this current gen of consoles were about to be announced while little growth was truly made during the PS360 era due to the stagnation they represented
First off its an opinion piece so whats all the hate for this article. Secondly, I personally think that for the writer to single out MS as the sole liar in the industry is well, stupid. They all do it, even the developers and publishers. Get over it. Lastly, if you didn't do an article for Sony lying equally lying about the PS3 or even mention the amount of false statements made by them you look like a fanboy...and probably are.

The truth of the matter, Sony and MS in this industry uses the same practices. It appears that they just switch roles every other year. Play you games and stop the whining.
Moron alert. The author of this article makes many assumptions. Microsoft has invested years and years into building a global server infrastructure. They have invested billions of dollars. Microsoft never said the "power of the cloud" would make up any hardware differences right now. They mentioned that "the cloud" can provide developers an additional avenue for game development and provide dedicated servers for games when needed. If you think that a global server infrastructure is pointless, especially for developers to utilize, then you need to take the fanboy glasses off.

Why do you think EA/Respawn didn't mind inking an exclusive deal with Microsoft for Titanfall? Not only did they get paid, but they saved money. If Titanfall was going to be using Microsoft's server infrastructure on XBox One, 360 and PC, then what infrastructure would be used on Sony consoles? Would Sony pay out of the pocket to some third-party hosting service since they don't own a global infrastructure on part with Microsoft? Maybe now in retrospect they would have, but they had no intentions of doing so when Titanfall was in the pre-stages of being developed. I'm not a Titanfall fan, but I am using the game as an example since it is dependent on a server infrastructure.
Everybody always complain and flaming over each console about who's better and powerful. Shut the fuck up, play the fuckin console, stop bitchin, be happy with what you bought, and if not the eat dicks you bunch of trolling bitches
"Microsoft are clearly taking advantage of the fact that a lot of people on the internet will read anything in an image and believe it."

Sure so everyone that bought an XB1 did only so because they were 'mislead' and right now are in so much remorse from their purchase. It's not like millions are genuinely enjoying their purchase and find the voice navigation + stellar exclusives entertaining so far. They can ruin the generation for you, but they won't for me.
Dont cry man! For the ignorant the xb1 is amazing but for those of us who can read its a different story. The xb1 will hold back progression of game development due to the fact that it is incredibly under powered and that microsoft will buy the 1 year exclusivity meaning that devs cant just release a shoddy port on the xbox and give pc and ps4 a decent port.

dano you're f***ing cluless. If you want to go there Consoles in general are holding gaming back. XBO and PS4's hardware are old and can't compare to PC. And the fact the Microsoft allows Devs to keep their Games is one reason why you see devs like Insomniac go to them.

yes this is true for console gaming in general. steam is building pc gaming up considerably and making it a lot more appealing but if it werent for consoles the gaming industry wouldnt be as big as it is. fair enough consoles might not be as powerful as a machine you can build yourself but together consoles make up a much lager user base than pc gamers. consoles are part of the foundations of the gaming industry. they might be slowing things down but without them the industry might not be where it is right now. So when comparing the consoles and there is 1 that is considerably under powered and the creators are talking about how it's the most powerful piece of hardware ever known to man when in realty its seriously under powered, it gets quite annoying

fuck you sony retards.ms are playing the long game.there wont be another playstation after ps4.how can sony be 145 billion in debt.the guys who run sony are the real retards.
wtf is "the long game?" This wasn't about how much money each company has. It is about MS being the lying, greedy shitbags they are. If MS is soooooo fucking great, then why have they come in DEAD last in the last 2 gens and are (at this point)DEAD last this gen? Sony has their issues too, as does Nintendo. I personally HATE MS and refuse to buy their consoles because I hate their insane shady business practices. But I'm not gonna sit here and call you a fanboy or retard or any other insult just because you prefer them. To each his own. Play what makes you happy and get off everyone else's dicks. The people who say things like "It's all about the graphics" or "X console is more powerful than Y console and that's why it's better" don't truly "get" gaming and probably never will. It's pretty obvious that no one at all cares about anyone's fanboy wet dreams but other fanboys who are into the same thing. So why do people even bother? You like MS? Cool. Play their systems. You like Sony? Cool. Play their fucking systems. You like Nintendo? Cool. Play their systems. We are gamers. Shouldn't we discuss games rather than troll everyone who shares a different opinion?


Quick someone say something about the WiiU to distract everyone
The wii u is amazing /s

Dr Scoobie[Guest]
... - Ok Somebody always bashes Nintendo when I bring up the following points. So they ought to do a good job of distracting people. Backwards compatible Free online Great exclusives Brilliant indie support Miiverse

It's just amazing the amount if butthurts in this article.

Just one thing: the power of the Cloud won't ever work because the latency (ping) is too high, Also varying on each single network connection and with the time. Developers can't optimize a game given these premises. It actually makes things worse. Just look at any online gaming session. No one wants that crap in a single player campaign.
bought ps4 coz of remote play =P
You can tell an adolescent praying for puberty just by reading these post. For some reason, they feel they have to curse in their replies. SMH.... kids.
MS has been kind of fucking up the industry since the Xbox 360
STFU you turd

The 360 was a bad console? U must not play many games. And Sony has all that extra power but no good games to unleash it on. I'll be going XBO and not helping bail out sony

you need to check out uncharted, god of war, gran turismo and last of us bud. dunno how u missed the release of them games

Gotta say I dont understand what anything you are complaining about has to do with Microsoft ruining this console generation. Sounds more to me like in your opinion they are ruining their own reputation but what does that have to do with Sony or Nintendo and this generation of consoles. Why is what Microsoft doing affecting your enjoyment of the other consoles out. Sounds to me like your just unhappy about a few things MS has done and decided to make a click bait title which doesnt represent your article at all.
Nothing said was untrue, Microsoft failed. There are no good games out on either system including Titanfall. Just because its the systems first passable "exclusive" (because it's on PC) doesn't mean xb1 has better games. This month Sony will have infamous to add to the ps4 high quality exclusives. What were those fantastic xb1 games again?
Ruining? Yeah that's why it's the only console with games. Your legitimate problems are those of graphics whores, everything else is a fallacy. Neither console is worth owning, but to say it's "ruining" anything while it has better games is rather silly. Sony has indoctrinated you, and it's not hard to tell.

I'm sorry you bought into a company thinking they actually gave a shit about you, I heard the insane asylum had a spot opening up. Take it while it lasts, plenty of delusional fanboys looking to get in.
lol at the end of the article you say that the biggest problem is with the games... then you do not elaborate at all. There were also many grammatical errors, and missing words altogether.
you guys are idiots and a cancer to gaming if you didnt like the direction the xb1 was taking it was simple dont buy it, the next gen of game consoles will all be digital only and more then likely always online and sony will prolly announce it first then it will be ok ..
They won't be all digital moron with data caps coming on line with Comcast att and Verizon, an all digital consolebwould end up costing you hundreds of extra dollars a a month idiot.

is anyone else here thirsty? I'm parched from all the salt in this comment section!
Yea this is a pretty bad article but how else are you going to focus attention away from Sony serious financial problems lol
Tell yourself whatever you need to in order to get to sleep at night. The rest of us will be playing the better exclusives, the better multiplatforms, with more and better free games on the more powerful console, the ps4. Now the real financial problem is with those sheep paying more to get less from dat bone. Good luck with that.

@5 Why don't you get Microsoft's cock out of your mouth.

What you're saying is not about supporting fair competition. You're saying we should jus support the Xbone because of dumb logic.

If consumers want a product based on it's own merits, not the marketing bullshit that the companies spew, then so be it. If that means another company fails due to their poor decision making, or poor product/ service offering, then so be it. That's fair competition.

Should we just blindly hand another monopoly to microsoft? Let's face it. The initial xbone reveal and it's draconian DRM policies was just MS being MS. If you know anything about the computer industry in the 90's you'd know that MS doesn't know anything about fair competition. Just look at the state of the company today. They've missed out on every technological breakthrough of the past 10-15 years. People don't want to use Microsoft products unless they absolutely have no choice.
you're gay

Hes' straight actually. I'm gay, though. Wanna hook up?

I am saying STFU you turd you piece of shit console is a disaster with no games and only debts for Phonies bahahahahahaha

I actually thought this was a very good article. It makes many valid points about how Microsoft got so full of themselves during the 360 era, that they are making big mistakes like Sony did with the PS3. Hopefully Microsoft will learn from these mistakes this generation and get them fixed for the next generation in several years.
Any idiot ( you ) can post a butt hurt comment
Love to see all the moronic xbots complaining about the article but not saying what's not true about what was written
They are in a hurting panic of denial. That's what happens when you put down money for a console that is getting it's arse handed to it in every multiplatform comparable and you payed more to get much less. The stain on their souls is palpable.

FMD ponies are the dumb fucks that is without a shadow of doubt remember retards MS has $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ plenty Phonies has zilch bahahahahhaha good riddance scums

Hey from me and MS to you ponies Fuck you turds you don't deserve any games you deserve to play those retarded indies and suck on each others cocks

Hey if we keep getting indies like outlast and resogun im happy with indies :)

Sony has money too.. They have a far wider market than Microsoft, who failed at Zune, phones, and with massive software issues like Windows ME, Vista, and CE, along with massive hardware issues with the 360, which cost them billions. Clearly, Sony had the top engineers for designing their console, which is intricate, small, and way more powerful. Microsoft designed almost nothing and just put it in a big and inconvenient box. Both companies are beyond rich. It comes down to who has passion and who really cares. Sony cares and loves video gaming and hardware and it clearly shows with their work with IBM and AMD on their consoles and how many AAA games they have come up with for PS3 alone in such a short time and how they've expanded upon several of there studios in recent years. Microsoft cares about nothing but your money. They simply hire uneducated PR agents to hype you up, buy exclusive rights, throw hardware in a box, and expect their enormous advertisement campaigns to always pull through the uneducated consumers, and it always does.

TEH CLOWD was more for data packets to upload, from kinect , for marketing purposes.
You see, this article is why the internet is the new platform for idiots- anybody can post their stupid opinions for the world to see. Any idiot can create a blog and become a wannabe journalist. This article is stupid and makes no sense. Every company makes mistakes no matter who they are, the important thing is how they react to these mistakes and looks like Microsoft is doing a great job. Besides, do you really just want the video game industry to be ran by one company as a consumer? Get off Sony's nuts before you get pregnant.
And any idiot can write an idiotic comment defending his idiotic console made for idiots by a company run by idiots. You idiot.

You've got a very loose definition of "great job" if you think Microsoft is doing one, that's for sure. I bet you think the captain of the Titanic did a "great job".

Eh.. Microsoft is doing nothing to compensate for their slaps at gamers faces. Gamers are simply being morons and letting it slide. Microsoft is a plague of the media industry. They would have gotten nowhere if they hadn't bought exclusivity to 3rd party content. The consistently mislead customers to think they are changing or that something of theirs is better than it is. Their hype of the cloud, it's just a standard server. Forcing Windows 8 UI and Kinect on users. Rehashing Windows software for over a decade for expensive prices, made little progress. Rehashed game ideas and bought franchises like Halo and Fable, which they abandon the original formula of. They screwed Forza fans over by cutting out well over half the content of the new game to launch it early and so they can make more incentive to purchase the launch dlc for the incomplete game. Somehow stuck it in gamers minds that their money going towards LIVE improved the experience, when Microsoft hosted absolutely no dedicated servers until way late in its life time. Gamers had been paying money for peer to peer, which hosts games on the users connections for free. No discounts, no free content, nothing but money towards Microsoft's wallet. Now in retaliation to PS Plus they release cheap old games to have an excuse. They show PC versions of games and said they were running on XBox One. They fake plenty of e3 crap like Kinect Milo and Forza to mislead the blind masses that fall for their crap other the years. Lying about not being able to turn off DRM. If you respond to me and read all this and still neglect to understand how pathetic they are then you're just digging yourself a deeper hole. They promised to bring games to Windows years ago. They didn't even bring the Halo 1 remake to Windows.

Oh my, so many salty xbots have got hurt asses over this article. Face it xbots, your console is shit and everybody hates it.
Well said!! Only people that believe everything that MS says are fools like NxtGen720 & Crapgamerreviews lol


lol these xbots cant take the truth. just face it, you paid more money for weaker hardware with no games and is in last place lmao!!!!!!!!!!

Dam dumbass Ponies still going you retards like I said your a disgrace to the real Gamers your just scrubs that I laugh at everyday ...Butthurt are we ponies awww no games bahahahahaha fuckin retards

To the turd who wrote this fuckin retarded articles go suck on yosp little penis you fuckin retard you are nothing but a turd and so is this article
Naw. It's pretty good. You just mad. Microsoft has been a detriment to the industry since the Xbox.

Someones fuckin mad! lol.

wow these xbot fangirls are really mad that xbone is in last place this gen. sony is killing them lmao

Mad lmfao I am laughing harder and harder everyday at your piece of shit console that a upgraded Ps3 bahahahaha with shitty network lmfao too funny fuckin retarded ponies keep sucking on yosp dick bitches bahahaha

The ps4 is an upgraded ps3,so the xbox one is an xbox 360 with tv? Thing is there both upgraded versions of the predecessors so of course its an upgraded version, just like the Xbox one duh. please think logically

Ouch..fanboy's hurt so bad that his keys are stuck!

What a stupid article. Your fanboyism know no bounds. Stop gobbling Sony's penis so much, it can't be good for you.
Points out legitimate issues, gets the term "fanboyism" thrown in face.

Points out that your a dumbass and you suck cocks for a living now Stfu turd

You're* And i'm the dumbass? Cute, and even if i did suck cocks for a living your bullshit doesn't affect me. See what i did there? It's called using your in the proper context.

Microsoft has been killing the industry since the first Xbox.

lmao wow you sound like a very angry xbot that cant take the truth. You mad because sony is kicking microsoft ass

Killing the industry lmfao you are a fuckin retard and this article is the turd that you are now STFU you tosser

Sony is kicking ass lmfao delusional retard sony will be bankrupt within the year and say bye bye to God of War you retard Don't MS will be glad to continue with it Play those fuckin retarded indies while we Xbox fans enjoy real gaming bahahhahaha Fuck you fag Oh by the 5.2 million isn't just ps4 fuckface that number is shared between ps3 and vita bahahahaha cocksucker

jesus you're a retard.. the 5.2 million is just PS4 hardware sales... each platform have their own sales data... -___-

Shit article
Shitty comment

True. Very shitty comment.

Very shitty shitty comment.

Wii U FTW!!!!!!

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